One of the products that are missing from Motorola portofolio are tablets, devices that are more and more popular. Recently, a couple of photos with a presumed Motorola tablet showed up on the web, revealing a similar design as the one used on their smartphones. Unfortunately, according to the person who sent this pics in, it seems that this tablet called Motorola Xoom 3 won’t be seen on market, as the project was abbandoned.


It was expected that this new model to arrive through Verizon, as its predecessor did. Looking at the picture below, we see a Kevlar backcover, the Verizon logo on the back and the 4G LTE mark. So the tablet was going to offer some high-end specs and 4G LTE connectivity.


Also, the tablet seems to be pretty thick, as we can see some comparative photos with iPhone below. It seems that for the moment Motorola will remain more focused on the smartphone market, while on the tablet devices category we won’t see another new product in the near future.