The upcoming version of Windows is the one a majority of users and manufacturers are waiting for, hoping it will manage to add the so longed features, like the Start button for the desktop interface, but also turn the experience into a more complete one. Though the Preview version is not far away, we have a video demo courtesy of Microsoft’s very own Jensen Harris.


Windows 8.1 is going to be offered with a long list of improvements, including for the most important functions of the new OS. We have some much needed interface changes, including for the lockscreen and start screen, but also lots of new features, as detailed in the list below.

Many of the users that felt reluctant to install and use Windows 8 are now looking towards the upcoming version of the OS as the one to deliver according to expectations. The first demo video for Windows 8.1 unveiled on the Surface Pro tablet retains only the aspects gathered so far in terms of features, with more to be added as the final release date approaches. And here are the most important:

  • Lockscreen is a cloud-powered photo frame. Brings pictures from your PC and phone through SkyDrive.
  • New tiles sizes: Large and small.
  • Improved all apps screen. Swipe up from the Start screen to get all apps.
  • All apps can be sorted by most used, by name, by date installed, or category.
  • Press and hold to pin to Start
  • Press and hold like windows Phone to manage apps on your Start screen
  • New personalization that can quickly be accessed by from the Settings charm
  • New colors for background and accent colors.
  • New motion accents for the background. Hard to explain, by attention during the 1:53 mark.
  • Desktop backgrounds can now be used on Start.
  • New search feature powered by Bing that curates searches from both the web and PC.
  • Better multi-tasking
  • Up to four Windows 8 apps on one screen each with adjustable sizes for Snap mode