Even though BUILD 2017 ended a while ago, Microsoft isn’t done with the unveilings. They’re now preparing for Computex 2017, that starts tomorrow and will bring us quite a few hardware releases. One of the topics of discussion will be Windows on ARM, detailed in Taipei.

Microsoft and Qualcomm sent out invites to Computex last week, promising extra details about Windows on ARM. We learned this month that Windows 10 ARM will be less locked down than Windows 10 S, supporting Win32 apps. Qualcomm and MS have been working on this project for a while now. We found out late last year that Microsoft was bringing full Windows 10 to ARM processors and the Snapdragon 835 was meant for the premiere.

The first devices will be available later this year, with IFA 2017 being the ideal time frame for the unveiling. We will see tablets and laptops with this CPU choice and this should worry Intel quite a bit. It will be interesting to see if Intel decides to drop prices of its CPU or simply speed up the 10 nm and 7 nm chipset projects. Meanwhile AMD and MediaTek are waiting in the shadows to get slice of the ARM action.