For a while now we’ve referred to the Surface Phone as Project Andromeda, which may also be associated with a software project, too. Now it seems that Andromeda will be replaced with something dubbed Santorini.

Back in March we heard that Microsoft had abandoned two shell projects, Andromeda and Polaris. Andromeda was known as a smaller dual display folding device. Polaris was a new desktop shell that runs on Windows Core OS. It’s Santorini, which just popped up is the code name for Windows Lite.

It was discovered by Twitter user Walking Cat. He noticed that Microsoft removed references to Andromeda in Windows 10 Build 18934. Windows Lite references appear particularly in the cellular connectivity area. One would think that cellular connectivity hints at a smartphone, but nowadays we also have the Always Connected PCs, so that’s a thing.

We’ve also heard that Microsoft was hard at work on the dual screen laptop codenamed Centaurus. This will be a bit of a hybrid, with 5G in the mix, Windows Core OS, two 9 inch screens. There should also be a special Book Mode. The device is expected on the market in Q1 or Q2 2020.