With CES 2019 out of the way, we start dreaming of MWC 2019, where foldables should appear. CES was a bit underwhelming, since aside from Royole’s Flexpai there was no action in the field. Samsung could unveil its own device on February 20th and Microsoft is back.

Microsoft has included hints in Windows 10 recent builds, hinting that the firm is working on a version of its OS for foldable machines. Of course, it’s by no means the first time we’ve heard MS associated with such devices. Their Andromeda/Surface Phone project was actually one of the first foldables out there, albeit in patent form.

We can’t tell for sure if MS is adapting the Windows experience to foldables or making it for its own hardware. Intel’s Tiger Rapids reference design could bring us to dual screen Windows computers. Well, convertibles are sort of foldables, so I guess it expands from there. Optimization is important on a foldable, since it can make or break an experience.

People want apps, task bars, proper resizing, items adjusted to either the full screen or split screen experience. Folding and unfolding may trigger new UI elements. We could see more details at BUILD 2019 in the Spring and perhaps a device in the fall. Most of the work in the field of foldables has to do with Microsoft’s Composable Shell (C-Shell) and Windows Core OS.

By the way, since foldables blur the line between phone and tablet, it may also affect your Windows experience.