We heard at some point that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet was not doing that well and now this idea comes back again, this time courtesy of the inside info supplied by an insider. Said insider is part of a supply chain liked to the Surface RT slates. I’m talking upstream supply and I’m talking serious order reductions, by half even.

Sources are saying that the new OS may be performing under Microsoft’s expectations on the current market. Microsoft originally predicted it would ship 4 million Surface RT devices by the end of this year, but recently they slashed that to 2 million. Demand for Windows RT tablets made by other companies is also said to be pretty weak. Back to the supply chain people, they’re also predicting a subpar performance for the Microsoft Surface RT devices in the next quarter as well.

Microsoft could be forced to roll out the Intel-based Surface Pro tablets earlier than expected to try and make up for the Surface RT poor shipments. They may put out the new product as early as next month, instead of launching it early next year. Who buys a Surface tablet nowadays, anyway?