If you’re perfecting your veggie cutting skills, you might want to have a special Top Chef or Master Chef video in front of you and what better gadget to play it than an iPad? Now there’s a culinary accessory out there, a cutting board with a built in iPad stand, that’s shown below.

The folks of Chef Sleeve are behind this product, a Cutting Board with iPad Stand. Of course one may argue that you can easily place 3 books behind the iPad and you’ll be done, but will you still be classy when doing that? Of course you will need some serious protection for the device’s screen, protection from splashing that is, especially if you’re working with juicy tomatoes.

Anyway, if you want a high(er) tech cutting board, you could end up spending $70 by buying the Chef Sleeve from here. But then there’s always the classic cook book, that you’ve splashed 100 times and it’s still there to save the day when the iPad is in the hands of your kids.