In yet another initiative to get rid of the leftover Surface RT tablets, Microsoft is giving the slate away to schools. You should also know that the company unveiled a brand new service called Bing for Schools, which is an ad-free version of Bing.


This one incorporates a system of filtering and parental control for children. The school who are part of this Bing program can leave children alone in front of the PC, without worrying about the sites they’re going to access. Also for schools it the free Surface RT program, that puts the tablet in the hands of the young students.

The device comes with Microsoft Office preinstalled and is already starting to have a decent number of apps in the Windows Store. In order to get the tablet, schools have to convince people to use the Bing search engine, sign up for Bing Rewards and use the credit for a donation of Surface RT to a school. It takes 30k credits to earn a tablet and about 60 parents, teachers and pupils to get involved.

What do you think about this? I feel that they’re making people work for those slates… not exactly offering them for free.