Microsoft’s Surface lineup of 2 in 1 products has reached a new peak, as the profits of the Surface segment have doubled. The 2 in 1 Windows 10 hybrids have been doing great on the market, generating some serious revenues.


The info comes from Microsoft’s FY16 Q2 earnings report. The Surface revenue jumped to $1.352 billion, from $672 million in the previous quarter. That doesn’t mean that Microsoft had a great end of 2015, because overall their device section revenue was done, because of the handsets division, with 49% drop in revenue.

The Surface seems to keep things afloat and it’s no wonder, since both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 managed to get in the top 3 or top 5 of best tablets of 2015. And that happens in a year when Apple debuted the iPad Pro, its first big tablet and Samsung launched the first binge watching focused slate. Surface revenues increased 29% constant currency from the previous year and they can only go up from here. I guess that Microsoft really does make the only solid notebook replacement on the market…