iPad Pro users have started noticing that once they updated their slates to the latest version of iOS 9, the devices started to receive firmware updates to connected accessories. Some even fixed their accessories’ issues with the updates.


For example, customers that experienced lag with the Logitech Create Keyboard Case fixed the issue by updating the slate to the second beta of iOS 9.3. When the keyboard got attached through the Smart Connector, an “Accessory Update” option would appear on screen. In less than a minute, the update is completed and the problems were solved.

That’s got to be the first time that an iOS device updated an accessory’s firmware that way. We have no idea what the requirements are for such a feat. It could be depend on the Smart Connector, the new flavour of iOS, or something else. One thing’s for sure: it’s restricted to the iPad Pro for now. We could also see it on the iPad Air 3, once it debuts in March…