Microsoft is ready to take the Surface Pro tablet to the UK starting with May 23rd and they’ve just confirmed that today. The product will debut in about a week, with a price tag of about 719 quid, pretty steep for any tablet buyer out there.


The Core i5 based tablet will be available via the Microsoft online store from the mentioned date and the price tag mentioned above applies for the 64 GB model. The 128 GB one will be 80 quid more and also you should know that the Touch Cover will set you back 99 pounds. The Surface tablets are famous for their magnesium case, trademark kickstand with 22 degree opening angle and their widescreen displays with 16:9 aspect ratio and high definition.

While we did test a Windows RT version of the Surface, we’re still waiting on the Windows 8 one to arrive to us for testing. We were moderately excited regarding the RT one, thanks to a brilliant screen and beautiful design. Also, in spite of being bulky, the tablet’s format grew on us as we used it. Now let’s see how the Surface Pro does in Europe…