Flexible displays are the talk of the town and although LG seems at the front of this initiative, it may be Samsung that pulls out the rabbit from the hat first. Samsung and LG have already developed flexible and bendable screens, but today we’ve got an interesting rumor about a tablet with such a screen.


Usually we saw a phone or phablet relying on this mechanism, but this time the diagonal is much bigger. The patent pictured above started today’s discussion and supposedly it pictures a future generation of Galaxy Tab models. If this is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 or not we have no idea, but we do know that it shows a folding screen that rises from the main device and turns a slate into sort of a laptop.

The gadget is called Samsung Tablet PC and the patent was spotted at the US Patent and Trademark Office. As LG is expected to deliver the first flexible goodies in Q3, Samsung is also expected to launch products of this kind in 2014. Of course, this may only remain on the drawing board, as many other flexible devices have…