The Surface Pro 4 has been in the land of rumors for a while now, but without solid proof we take everything with a grain of salt. Now we learn that the device may come in October, together with a series of new Microsoft devices.


The slate is expected to keep the form factor of the Surface Pro 3, but get updated specs, like the Intel Skylake processor and obviously run Windows 10. The rumors come from WPDang and claim that the product will debut two months from now, together with a new Xbox One, the Microsoft Band 2 and those rumored Cityman and Talkman handsets.

Surface Pro 4 is said to have the same slim form factor and big size screen, plus the same bezel size, so in the end all we’re getting is a CPU update. The variations of the product will be RAM and storage and its debut in the fall sets it up for the holiday shopping period. It could also mean yet another price reduction for the Surface Pro 3!