It appears that the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a kickass display, a feat confirmed by the latest tests from authorities in the field. The device comes with a 12.3 inch screen with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels and its tests showed record breaking numbers, according to display expert Ray Soneira.


The device even upgrades the performance of the screen on the Surface Pro 3, by quite a bit actually. Surface Pro 4 comes with the most accurate color reproduction on a tablet display ever measured till now. As an extra, the very same screen uses little power, requiring just 4.8 watts to mode those 267 pixels per inch on a 69.8 square inch screen area.

This means that it uses 57.8% of the power that an iPad Air 2 requires to move pixels around, on a smaller space and resolution. Surface Pro 4 also upgrades the already good feats of the Pro 3, increasing maximum brightness, contrast ratio, absolute color accuracy, view angle performance and adding a lower screen reflectance in the mix.

Soneira found that the Pro 4 brightness is 436 nits, but the black luminance is 0.31 nits and the true contrast ratio is 1406. Those are excellent numbers for any device, but let’s see how the iPad Pro performs before judging further.