After one or two leaks about the Surface 2, aka the Surface RT follow-up, it’s time to learn more about the other new Surface slates. Those include the Surface Pro 2 and a Surface Mini version, all of them detailed below.


Microsoft lost billions with the first Surface RT, so that’s why they changed the name to simply Surface 2, because RT is pure omen. Paul Thurrot from the Windows Super Site has some intel on these products. It appears that the Surface Pro 2 will look just like the predecessor, but it will have at its core the next gen Intel Haswell Core i5 CPU and an improved battery life.

The product gets 7 hours or battery life up from the 5 hours provided by the first model. There’s a 4 GB version and an 8 GB version and the device is refined, with an integrated two position kickstand. Windows 8.1 is the OS and as far as the Surface Mini is concerned, we have no details, but I can speculate we’ll see a 7 or 8 inch display.