A series of reports is saying that Microsoft could stop making Surface tablets with ARM CPUs inside, as it gets more committed to the Surface Pro lineup. We’ve previously heard a report saying that MS was actually going to kill all of its Surface line, but the company quickly denied that.


The latest report comes from Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet, who has rock solid sources. They claim that Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to release a Surface 3 or a Surface Mini at any point in time. The strategy for the future of the Surface lineup is to cease production of ARM based units and focus on Intel-powered ones. Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny this approach, but it does sound very likely.

If they wanted to release one more ARM slate, they would have done that before the holiday season, that’s closing in very fast. The Surface Mini was reportedly canceled and killed a few months ago, although to me it still sounds like a good project. The problem is that Microsoft won’t be able to sell it if they price it high, considering that sub $200 Windows 8 slates are all over the place right now.

Do you regret the total switch to Intel for the Surface lineup?