Even a few weeks ago all the media said that Microsoft prepares the launch of the Surface Mini tablet, we saw just the Surface Pro 3 tablet device. But now, it seems that out there is something that confirm the Mini tablet. In the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 user manual we find the Surface Mini name.


Surface Mini appears in a tutorial on how to use the Surface Pen, a tutorial that sounds like this: “Before you use your Surface Pen the first time, you’ll need to install the AAAA battery. You’ll pair your new pen with Surface Mini a little later during setup”. We find out that this mention of the Mini tablet isn’t just an accident.

Also, the Mini tablet will arrive with a Surface Pen just like the Surface Pro 3.  The Surface Pro 3 manual also says: “Click the top button to open OneNote, even if your Surface is locked. Bluetooth technology links your Surface Pen to your Surface Mini or Surface Pro 3, so when you click the button, your Surface responds instantly”. It remains to see when Microsoft will officially announce this device.