Crazy to think it’s been almost half a year since Microsoft unveiled its Surface Duo and Surface Neo dual screen machines… Even now a good part of their final design remains a mystery, but at least there’s a glimpse at the novelty. We’ve just found a hands on picture shown below.

The product is coming during the holiday season 2020, so we’re in for quite the wait. The Surface Duo was spotted in the Vancouver SkyTrain, so someone in Canada is taking it for a spin. There’s now a front flash which wasn’t present on the prototype from October at the Surface event. There’s a single front camera, as opposed to zero cameras on the 2019 machine. A few millimeters were cut, so the device is slimmer now compared to the prototype.

We don’t have a clear picture of the back, so we have no idea if there’s a camera or not at the back. My guess is that there’s at least one. In my book even at this stage of the design, the top bezel is quite big and the hinge feels clunky. I feel that Microsoft has decided to abandon the idea of a true foldable and wants to keep the two screens separate, rather than complicate matters with creases and folds. Now it appears that Windows Central’s Zac Bowden has it on good authority that the Surface Duo could come earlier than December 2020, perhaps a few months earlier.

Expect some seeding to developers come MS Build in May. That also means more leaks are about to come…