The Microsoft Surface tablet is seen as one of the most original slate out there, through design and approach. Since it’s coming in about two months to the stores, it’s time to think about the future and apparently Microsoft already has, since rumors say they’re already developing the Surface 2 Tablet.

Microsoft previously called the Surface its “new family of PCs”, so it’s logical that the family has more members. Obviously, corporate communications head Frank Shaw said that in fact MS referred to the Windows Pro and RT versions, but there’s more to that statement after all. More than a dozen job ads at the Microsoft Careers show that Redmond is looking for new employees for the Surface team, saying that they’re building the next gen of devices that will “fully express the Windows vision”.

The company is looking for mechanical engineers, materials experts, driver developers and audio engineers, to join the designers and engineers already present in the team. On the materials area, they’re looking for metals, ceramics, plastics and thin films. So, Surface Tablet will be a series, rather than a one time thing. Excited?