I was watching today some Motorola Droid ads and the ad for Nokia N900. Boy, do they know how to make ads for those! Meanwhile, since the iPhone and iPad came out I haven’t seen one single ad that was breathtaking, emotional, made you pumped up or excited. It’s just placid random features shown and family bonding. Who actually likes that? And now we get more, through a new iPad ad…

Luckily Apple retired its Genius adverts, that were simply painful to watch, emphasizing the customer service and not the products, that’s just a poor idea. As shown in the new ad below, you can use a slate to view video, listen to music, edit photos, read, tweet and Facetime. One can also make an e payment and cook using an iPad recipe or hook up to the Apple TV for a movie night. All of that is shown in about 30 seconds, but it’s far from impressive. The music is light, the voice is reassuring, but where’s the hook?

Where’s that appealing peak of the ad, where the main selling point of the device draws you in? Well, at least the poor Genius ads are gone and hopefully the iPhone 5 will have cooler ads. Will anyone petition Apple for that?

  • DeianStancu

    Ok, so the commercial is edited and rendered, I can see that. But what in the world is that connector for sale, because up there is the audio jack, there’s no way you can use it as POS, because that jack has only audio out signaling. That must be fake.

  • Dude, the product IS the hook. The other companies need to resort to academy award winning adverts as their stuff really doesn’t match up to the reality