If the rumored Nokia tablet comes out next month at Nokia World and it gets an ARM CPU, what OS do you figure it’s going to run? It will most likely be Windows RT, as Microsoft really can’t take a hint and kill the product. They’ve even admitted losing almost a billion dollars on the Surface RT and still they won’t can it…


ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley writes that Microsoft is unlikely to give up on the platform, in spite of the fact that OEMs are totally avoiding it. Samsung has already been burnt with the Ativ RT, Acer doesn’t even want to hear of Win RT and neither do Dell and HP. The only hope remains the courageous ASUS, but if they want to enter the smartphone biz next year as they’re rumored to, they may be saving money.

Nokia seems to be the only horse left in the race, but we may have to wait for Microsoft’s 7 inch Surface Mini release first, before seeing their slate. Microsoft and Nokia must be very careful not to cannibalize each other’s products and not to exaggerate with pricing. There’s not a doubt in my mind that the very first Nokia tablet will be expensive…

  • Real Thing

    Windows 8 RT is excellent OS for tablets. It works good, it has very good battery life, it has all the basic apps, very good browser and newest MS Office. It is safe to use, compared to for example android, that has huge problem with linux-viruses and linux-malware. App market for Windows 8 RT is safe. Windows 8 RT devices are perfect for most home and business users.

    Only thing that Windows 8 RT needs, so devices with it, is included mobile data connection, and Nokia is sure bringing that in it’s tablet device. MS Surface RT 2nd generation will sure have mobile data included too.