Next month we’ll witness the debut of Windows 8 and its first tablets, including the Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft has already started sending out invitations to the October 25th event, taking place in New York and unveiling the latest generation of Windows. No other details were provided, although I expect a big crowd at the event and many tablet debuts.

There are a few hardware partners who promised launches on day one and I’m sure that the likes of ASUS, Samsung, Toshiba and Dell will have a tablet ready to sell on that day. Maybe the price mystery of the Microsoft Surface Tablet will finally be cleared and hopefully the price will be decent. For those of you who haven’t powered on a computer or communication device in the last year, Windows 8 draws heavily from Windows Phone, using the famous tiles, but also providing a bit of the standard Windows desktop experience.

It got rid of the name Metro UI, also got rid of the Start button and now it’s ready to rock in finalized form. The aim here is to provide a unified experience across the Windows-based devices, including the WP ones and Win 8 ones. It would be cool if Nokia also showed up with a tablet at the event, but don’t bet on that!