At the end of the current month, Microsoft has a bit event scheduled, one meant to launch commercially both Windows 8/RT and the Surface Tablets. The latter product has some advertising material already posted in cities like Washington, DC. We have proof in the pics below, snapped by a WPCentral user going as Conan.

The ad above shows the connectivity between the device and the smart covers with the “Click in” caption to show how friendly it is. In the ads we get to see the pink and blue Surface tablets, vivid colours choices that remind me of the colorful new HTC and Nokia WP8 devices. Charlie Kindel, former Windows Phone General Manager said at some point during an event in August that the Surface Tablet can be seen as the “North Star” for the rest of the industry and I have to say I agree. I’m fond of that magnesium case and the fact that they really tried hard to differentiate from the competition this time.

The price will make or break this product and if it’s anywhere below $350 let’s say, it’s an instant hit. At $400 or more it’s not that impressive any more… at least Windows RT Surface Tablet. Microsoft has also been upgrading recently its web services, with a new service to replace Hotmail/Live. Xbox 360 was also updated and Halo 4 is also incoming. Crazy weeks for Microsoft!