Microsoft was sure that it had a winner on its hands when it announced the Surface Tablet and turns out they were quite right. The sales of the tablet is going are going fantastically well, with the basic Windows RT version of it being already sold out in USA. I’m talking here about preorders that have already exhausted the supply.

The basic version without the keyboard cover is the one that’s so successful, while the $599 version with Touch Cover and the 64 GB unit also with Touch Cover for $699 are still available for preorder. If you want the Type Cover with real keys, you’ll have to wait for it to be made available. Microsoft’s Windows Store claims that the 32 GB version of the Microsoft Surface RT can be preordered without the Type Cover and it will be delivered in the US in the following 3 weeks, before the official launch.

Microsoft’s aim for the 4th quarter is to sell around 3 to 5 million units, so it’s not as ambitious as Google’s 8 million Nexus 7 units, but we are dealing with a pricier product here and one that involves a brand new OS.