After canning a big part of Nokia’s projects for the future, now Stephen Elop is doing the same with Microsoft. Apparently, the company decided to give up on its plans for a smaller Surface, at least for the moment.


The decision came from top brass, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and executive VP Stephen Elop. Many journalists were expecting to see the smaller Surface during yesterday’s event, but we learned a few hours before it that it wouldn’t come. Instead we got the expensive and high powered Surface Pro 3. The decision to can the Surface Mini came because the product that was already in development wasn’t “different enough” from its rivals and couldn’t become a hit.

Engineers had been working on the device and plans were made to unveil the smaller slate in New York yesterday. The removal of the device appears to have been done last minute and apparently the Mini was based on a Qualcomm processor. The work at MS continues on the smaller device and we could see this as yet another sign that Windows on ARM is dying and Windows RT is dead and buried.