The Terminator actor and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been photographed playing with an iPad in a posture that makes it look like he’s taking selfies. The selfies of stars have been everywhere lately and even made Rihanna break a LAPD chief’s phone by mistake while trying to take a selfie.


My only question in this case is why Arnold is using an older iPad, as shown by its sloped edges and not a new one, like an iPad Mini Retina. He could be using the device to be taking a picture with the back camera, or maybe the front camera, or maybe he’s Skyping or Facetiming. Or maybe he’s googling “effects of steroids on 60 year old man”. Anyway, about 90% of the stars you see today are using iDevices, so there’s really no surprise here.

Leave it to Ashton Kutcher to use a Surface tablet or a Lenovo device, the first one because it’s so indie and the second because they pay him for it. But at the end of the day, all celebrities use an iPhone, at least when in public and often an iPad as well.