Microsoft has just started a series of special deals via its official Online Store and these reductions apply to 8 inch Windows tablets. That includes the already very popular Dell Venue 8 Pro slate and I have to tell you the prices are very good.


The lowest price is $229 for the Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB, allowing you to save $70, but there’s also the appealing Lenovo Miix 2, priced at $249 and allowing you to save 50 bucks. Then there’s Dell Venue 11 Pro, priced at $499 and the Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T, at $349. Finally, the most expensive of the bunch is the Razer Edge, at $999, but saving $300.

You can find more deals here, in case you’re curios. I can see that MS also has the Lumia 2520 in its offer, but without any special reductions. By the way, the biggest cut here is the one that the Samsung tablet mentioned above gets, since it’s a 50% cut. Does that mean nobody is buying that slate?