A senior Microsoft official recently discussed the iPad Pro’s potential for a PC replacement, claiming that it’s more of a “companion device”, than an actual replacement. Meanwhile, the Surface Pro models are said to be full fledged computer replacements.


Dan Laycock, Senior Communications Manager for Microsoft Surface made these statements during an interview with Trustreviews.com. He says that Microsoft wants the user to carry a single device for tablet and PC use. Meanwhile, the iPad Pro can’t provide the same functionality, although we can’t say Apple wasn’t trying.

They delivered the product with an Apple Pencil stylus and keyboard, accessories that also make the Surface Pro more complete. The iPad Pro was unveiled in November last year and even the reviews that placed it in the capable hands of designers and artists showed that it’s mostly used in tandem with a laptop or PC to do design work with Adobe’s suite for example.

Laycock also brought up Apple’s criticism towards styli over the past years, only to launch one of their own last year. Finally, he mentioned the lack of full PC apps as another drawback. While he’s right now, the next generation of iPad/MacBook hybrids may just be the PC replacement he’s talking about.