According to some recent rumors, it seems that the 12.9 inch upcoming iPad Pro tablet will bring some other improvements beside the huge screen size. Apparently, Apple will offer a silver nanowire material in order to make thinner touch panels. Korea IT News let us know that recently Apple requested some nanowire sample materials from LG Display, Samsung Display and Japan Display.


In the same time we get to know that the 12.9-inch iPad will not be released this year. Getting back to the nanowire touch panels, we find that such materials are more flexible and thereby they can understand the pressure placed by a person’s fingertip better. Such a material will be more conducive for the Force Technology that is supposed to be packed on the iPad Pro.

At the moment, Force Touch is available on the Apple Watch, on the 13-inch Macbook Pro and the 12-inch MacBook. It remains to see if Apple will release this tablet next year or if the project will be abandoned.