Microsoft finally debuted the Office Mobile application for the iPad and iPhone, supporting Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The App is free to download, but you will need an active Office 365 subscription if you want to use it.


The new Office experience is optimized for the small display of the iPhone and this solution is also connected to the cloud, so you can edit your documents stored on SkyDrive and SharePoint. Documents are supposed to look just like the originals and support rich media content like charts, SmartArt graphics, shapes and animations.


When you will edit or write a new comment for a document for example, the formatting and content will stay the same. The experience shown here feels totally similar to the Office Mobile on Windows Phone, which is a good thing, since that was a very intuitive app. Thanks to this app you can finally see and edit Office documents attached to an email and just so you know this app is available now in the App Store only for users based in USA at the time. You need iOS 6.1 and later to run it.

The app is up for download here.