Microsoft is trying to again revive the manufacturer’s perception towards its mobile oriented Windows RT OS. The software giant is willing to cut those that plan on integrating Windows RT onto their devices some slack in regards to the prices it charges for such implementations.


As most would say about Microsoft’s latest attempt to promote its Windows RT OS among manufacturers, it seems “Too little too late”. Most hardware makers have ready opted for other more consistent choices, including based on the Google – Android OS. In this regard Acer is only one of the few to announce its latest AIO PC based on Intel Haswell and running the Android OS.

With Microsoft lowering the prices the manufacturer pay in order to manufacture Windows RT based small tablets it will indeed seem appealing for some that will be willing to give the OS another go. It seems that the OS maker does not fare so well even with its own devices, claiming only 1 percent share of the market with the Surface Tablets.