Microsoft is moving into a new stage of its Windows development, as it’s going to announce ARM-based tablets and PCs soon. The company will let devices with Qualcomm CPUs run Windows 10 with no hassle and also handle x86 apps. The advantage is that said devices will also come with cellular connectivity.


Microsoft is working closely with Qualcomm to create a new series of tablets and notebooks that will offer the Redmond giant access to new markets. The result will be an update of Windows 10, that runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU. The collaboration was announced during the WinHEC fair in Shenzhen, China and it’s meant to boost the confidence of hardware makers, who will be able to build lightweight Windows machines with cellular modems.

Since there’s an ARM chip inside, the battery life will also be superior. Windows 10 has already been demoed running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, as shown below and in the future we’ll see x86 Win 32 and universal Windows apps, even Photoshop run on it. This is a huge blow for Intel, that has been the teacher’s pet for Microsoft for many years now.

ARM tablets won’t only be lightweight, but also cheaper than the regular clunky Intel ones, so MS will be able to access a new niche. 2017 just got interesting.