Microsoft and NFL have decided to expand their Surface deal for one whole more year, even though we’ve seen people not exactly happy with Microsoft’s toys on the sideline. The deal started in 2013 and saw Surface devices in the hands of coaches, referees and other staff. If you’re an avid fan of football as well, you can bet for your favorite team on W88.

The refs used the slates for video reviews, statistics and other related things. NFL has extended this agreement for the 2018/2019 season now. The Surface was first used during the 2014 season of he NFL and it was even part of a controversy related to the New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick. He did a big time rant on how he wasn’t going to use the Microsoft product anymore, not being happy with it.

The Surface Pro 2 generation was the first on the field, followed by the Surface Pro 3 in 2015. Belichick seems to like paper printouts more for some reason. He was using the Surface Pro 3 back when it was made available and he complained about connectivity issues. In the meantime Microsoft’s smartphones have been ditched by big organizations, but the tablets are still doing fine.

We’ve seen them in operating rooms, cockpits, a lot in schools and now in the football field. As a sports fanatic, you can conveniently bet on your own smartphones by going to judi dadu online.