You’re probably aware that Microsoft’s boss of the Windows section, Steven Sinofsky left that department, being replaced by Julie Larson-Green. Well, in a recent interview with MIT Technology Review we got to know who Julie is, her opinion on her predecessor’s work and the iPad.


Larson-Green said that she first saw an iPad after Microsoft had the Windows 8 design ready. The work on Windows 8 started in June 2009, a bit ahead of the Windows 7 release. Even Microsoft was excited when the iPad came out, which is an interesting thing to admit. Larson-Green admits that Windows 8 doesn’t make a good impression at first, but rather over a long time of use. She also says that it takes two days to two weeks to adjust to the experience.

The new boss of the Windows section also says that she believe the future PCs will have touch support and computers with touch are selling the fastest right now, with Windows 8 contributing to that. As far as Steven Sinofsky is concerned, the former head of Windows was praised as “an amazing leader and an amazing brain” by the same Julie Larson-Green. What’s coming next? Well, first there will be a Windows codename Blue upgrade, that will ship in 2013. For more details on the new boss read the source article.