A couple of days ago we found out that Microsoft was preparing a project called Sparta, that involved a web browser supposed to replace Internet Explorer. Ever since then, word was mum on this product, till today, when we saw a screenshot of Spartan.


The names taken from the Halo universe continue, so after Cortana today Spartan is the new reference to the game. Anyway, this browser is intended for Windows 10 and it’s shown here opening up Facebook, with a rather aired out and playful UI. It’s not very clear if this solution will be ready for prime time till January 21st and keep in mind that the screenshot above is a tad older than the current build of Spartan.

The version shown here has a minimalistic design, with clutter-free UI elements. Microsoft has bet big stakes on this project, assigning a special team to it and reaching a third redesign around Christmas time. The browser is said to come with entire voice commands like “add to favorites”, “make that my home homepage” and “go to Facebook.com”. It’s also said to run different browsers inside it and split the browser into 4 windows.