Nabi is a series of kid-friendly tablet and the brand has now evolved towards a more serious segment, the one of wall-mounted devices. We’re talking about huge screen models, such as the ones shown below.


Fuhu is the display maker handling the production and they’ve expanded their lineup with 20 inch and 24 inch Big Tabs. At heart, these are still tablets, but only… bigger. It’s certainly a transition for kid-oriented 7 and 11 inch models. Fuhu also showcase an extra large series of touchscreen displays with diagonals from 32 to 65 inches, but those models are still being developed.


They will come in the second half of 2015 with prices ranging from $699 to $3,999 for the 65 inch 4K Ultra HD unit. LG Electronics takes on the manufacturing of the Big Tabs and they will become home appliances for a connected kitchen, for example. Smaller Nabi slates can be used as controllers for video games (second screen), educational activities and more.

The Big Tab screens can also have the role of TV sets. Fuhu has also prepared over 20 multiplayer games for up to 4 players to test their goodies.