Barnes & Noble dropped the price of the Nook Simple Touch e-reader to $79 during the 2011 Black Friday and now the same low price tag has become permanent. The device was launched last year and it has received in the meantime an upgraded unit, the $119 Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight.

The older model is still pretty decent, if you ask me, even compared to the $69 entry level Amazon Kindle, that doesn’t have a touchscreen. I probably should mention that last year’s Nook Simple Touch reached as little as $59 in price this Black Friday, but $79 is also not bad at all. The pricing takes effect today, Sunday, December 9th. This Nook measures 0.47 inches in depth, weighs 7.48 ounces and offers over 2 months of battery with the wireless off, based on a half an hour of daily reading.

If you also want specs, know that the device packs a 6 inch touchscreen, one of the world’s most advanced E Ink Pearl displays. It also has 25% faster page turns and 80% less flashing, compared to any other eReader. The cool thing is that the e-reader only takes about 3 hours to charge from a PC, which is a decent amount.