After Microsoft released on the market the Surface Pro 3 tablet, device that brings in the package a great stylus pen called Surface Pen, now the IT company released an app named Surface Hub. This one is designed to complement the Surface Pro 3 by allow the users to set the Surface Pe preferences among other things.


According to the description, this app allows us to set the Pen pressure sensitivity, a task that can be done with adjusting a slider, and the you can test the pen sensitivity in the app. There’s another option that allows you to choose what the top button found on the Surface Pen to open first, OneNote (Modern), or OneNote the desktop app.


Also, in the app you can provide feedback directly to Microsoft by rating the Surface Pro 3 experience just by answering to some questions like the one that is asking you if you would recommend this tablet to a friend. You can download the Surface Hub app from here.