Microsoft´s most highly acclaimed hardware device is without a doubt the Surface line of tablets that has gotten everyone excited about using the new version of the OS in style and on the go. The fact that the devices are not available in all areas is unfortunate but Microsoft plans to do something about it.


The Surface Tablets are available in two major variants. These are the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. The latter was barely released this year, though it was announced a while back, and greeted with satisfactory success. Now, following in the footsteps of Google that is rumored to expand its line of Nexus products to multiple areas, so has Microsoft taken decisive action in this direction.

A while back rumors stated thet Microsoft will bring its products to multiple markets. By the end of the year the Giant is expected to cover the major cities around the Globe with the availability of its products. For now, MS will be expanding the availability of its Surface RT tablet to six new markets in the coming weeks. We are talking about Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and Taiwan that are expected to get the Surface RT by the beginning of March. Microsoft has also promised to extend the availability of its Surface Pro in the coming weeks.