Remember Microsoft Courier, the Redmond company’s mysterious tablet that surfaced on the web a couple of weeks ago? It might not be the best Apple tablet rival, but it’s certainly more real, as recent leaked details have shown. Turns out that Courier is in late prototype development stage and it proves to be more of a booklet, than a tablet.


It packs dual 7 inch screens, with multitouch support and those will be used for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus, also supporting finger interaction. The displays are connected through a hinge, that includes a single iPhone-style Home button and you should also know that statuses (wireless signal/ battery life) are displayed along the rim of the device.

There’s also a camera at the back and it’s very likely that Microsoft Courier will charge using an inductive pad, following Palm Pre’s Touchstone model. One should also note the fact that the hinge of the tablet is also used as a “pocket”, that’ll hold items the user wants to move from one page to another.


[via Gizmodo]