After Tegra 3’s slight monopoly on Surface slates, it’s now time for Qualcomm to shine and Nvidia to be bummed out by this. It appears that Microsoft is looking at Qualcomm as a future partner for new Surface devices.


People in the know are saying that there’s a new Surface RT slate in the making based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. That solution can deliver fast wireless data, but there’s also talk about further models that will keep the Nvidia Tegra lineup. In the end it all goes to the company that can deliver the best performance, with the lowest cost and the least battery consumption.

Qualcomm is the largest supplier of chips for smartphones, so that may also hint towards a Microsoft Surface Phone. Nvidia, Microsoft and Qualcomm representatives have declined to comment on these rumors. While a new Surface RT doesn’t sound like a good idea, having Nokia make one may actually give this platform a new life.