If you really dig the Galaxy S, but you’d like to see a Samsung tablet made out of it, you’re in luck: the company has just unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Tab. This device was announced by Samsung South Africa’s Twitter account, but without detailing it too much. All we know is that the Tab runs Android, most likely 2.1 and relies on Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

There’s also a front facing camera on board, a 3.5mm audio jack and we can spot a “Phone” icon at the bottom of the screen, proving that this tablet might be able to make phone calls. After the Galaxy Tab was revealed, Samsung South Africa also tweeted information about the slate, claiming that it comes with a 7 inch TFT screen, while the Korea Herald reports that we’ll see two more versions of the Tab: an 8 inch one coming out in October and a 10 inch one in December.

Galaxy S is a great smartphone and a bigger version of it can only be good news. Also, considering that the handset had great video processing power, can we hope for great gaming features from the slate as well?

[via phonedog]