WeTab is the German company that’ll deliver the long awaited first MeeGo slate bearing the same name. We’ve seen the device demoed at IFA 2010 and we’re getting closer to the moment of its release. Apparently, the unit will debut this week, initially in Germany via the local retailer Media Markt. WeTab has been working closely with Intel on this device, as proved by the 1.66GHz Atom CPU inside.

Aside from MeeGo software (co-developed by Nokia and Intel), you’ll find native Linux apps on the WeTab and you might be interested to know that the slate will even support apps written for Android or Adobe Air. Two versions of the WeTab will be sold: one that goes for EUR 449 and provides WiFi connectivity and a HSPA one, with more memory, HD video support and a EUR 569 price tag.

In spite of missing last week’s Nokia World 2010, the MeeGo platform is still generating lots of hype, as some consider it the savior of the Finnish company, specially as far as smartphones are concerned. Let’s see how the first Meego tablet does in the meantime…

[via mobilebusinessbriefing]