Market research firm IHS doesn’t seem sure that Apple is doing the right thing by exploring the large tablet segment with the aid of the iPad Pro. As you know, the Cupertino company is supposedly preparing a 12.2 inch/13 inch tablet for unveiling this year


Recently we’ve heard speculations about a merger between iOS and Mac OS X in the future, in order to power up this mega iPad. Rhoda Alexander, IHS director of tablet and monitor research doesn’t seem confident in Apple’s newfound product segment. The director claims that over the past 6 months various manufacturers have received sample quantities of a larger panel.

Various sizes are being reported by Apple partners and 12.85 inches is one of the sizes. Apparently the education market seems like the ideal target for such an iPad, but I’m guessing the medical field and graphics design will appreciate it as well. Is there any place on the market for a 12 plus inch iPad?