Apple filed a few interesting patents this week, having to do with both flexible screens and stylus technology. They also tackled hand detection technology and all of those things related to tablets will be detailed below.

apple stylus patent

The patents were filed by the Cupertino firm and published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, so that’s how we know about them. This way we learn what’s coming for future generations of iPhone and iPad models. So, first up is a stylus with multi touch sensors on the body, that’s able to determine the finger position and can be used for gesture controls on a corresponding device.


If you run a finger up the stylus you’ll be able to scroll for example. Or if you rotate the stylus in your hand, a corresponding action will be triggered. Gripping the stylus tighter could also change the accuracy or density of the drawing on the screen. It could all lead up to a new Apple Pencil. Another patent has to do with moving UI elements while detecting the position of the user’s hand.

The sensors will know you’re using the left or right hand and show the icons and UI elements accordingly.