The latest scam story involves a presumed iPad box and a man buying it from two perps in Manchester, England. He was offered the tablet for a price tag of about $390, a reasonably discounted price, since I suppose it was an iPad 4 at least…


A pair of scammers approached the man at the Picadilly train station in Manchester and made the offer. After handing over the money, the unlucky buyer found himself the owner of a box filled with potatoes. The pair of scammers drove off as soon as the transaction was made. Apparently there have been some similar scams in the region, with boxes said to contain an iPad or a laptop sold and turning out to contain bottles of water or potatoes.

Of course, buying your slate from parking lots or train stations isn’t exactly the way to go these days… Well, it could have been worse: the box could have contained a bulky Windows 7 or Windows 8 tablet with 4 hours of battery life. At least the man who bought the fake box can make some fries.