Since many people own both an iPad and a MacBook, combining their interaction seems a no brainer. Tuns out that that some smart people, over at Astro HQ have come up with the Luna Display, crowdfunded via Kickstarter. Let’s see how this lets you use the iPad as a touchscreen for the MacBook.

The company raised $610,000, much more than the initial $30,000 target. The result is a memory stick-style device that hooks up to the MacBook and then connects to an iPad display wirelessly. The product costs $65 and is supposed to ship next May. Basically you can continue working on your MacBook or even Mac from the comfort of your bed or couch, using an iPad.

Astro HQ also turned the front camera of the slate into a second hardware button for the device. The aim is to open a menu for the Luna app when it’s needed. This way the camera is “hacked” to trigger a response when touched. It’ll just register the light coming in and you shouldn’t worry about any privacy breach. As you can see in the video below, whatever happens on the MacBook instantly changes on the iPad screen.

Hooking up a keyboard to the iPad also lets you do input, which is sent to the MacBook. I feel this is just the beginning and we may see an USB Type-C or regular USB version soon. The product is available on Kickstarter.