Logitech has debuted yet another accessory for the iPad Air, this time the Logitech Type+ Keyboard case model. It’s meant for people who want to type longer documents and emails on their devices, without having to rely on virtual keyboards.


The Type+ case isn’t the first that Logitech has released for mobile devices and it’s certainly not the last. Logitech claims this model offers protection both on the outside and inside the case and it improves on previous similar releases. The company claims that they want to replicate the typing experience and layout that people would get on a laptop, so it’s easier to transition from one device to the other, without losing speed or accuracy.

They also included a row of iOS shortcuts for the users, in order to help them navigate the slate more easily. Logitech estimates that the battery on the case can offer as much as 3 months of functioning time on a single charge. This is based on an average use of about two hours a day, so don’t bet on that. The product costs $99 and you’ll be able to find it on Logitech’s site soon.