The iPad Air 2 may leak much more rarely than the iPhone 6, but when it rains, it pours. Today we get a lot of shots portraying the design of the slate that’s rumored to debut this fall, bringing Touch ID into the world of large screen Apple devices.


These shots showcase the new Air in tandem with the iPad Air 1, for the sake of comparison. Obviously, we’re dealing with mockups here, not the real thing. The Japanese publication ASCII Plus is responsible with sharing these shots, by the way. We notice the presence of a Touch ID sensor and also fewer speaker holes at the bottom, but much bigger ones than before. The new Home button lacks that square symbol and has a clear metallic ring around it.

The Apple logo is missing from the back panel of the dummy and the iPad Air 2 seems to be at least 1 mm slimmer than its predecessor. The design seems to involve the same diamond cut edge that appeals to the eye of the consumer. Just like in the previous leaks, the lock switch is missing here and the volume buttons are more tucked in than before. Frankly speaking, I don’t quite like the new volume buttons. How about you?