The Intel Core M processor was announced at Computex 2014 and various prototypes and reference slates have begun popping up with this CPU Inside. We’ve got the Llama Mountain 12.5 inch concept announced at Computex yesterday and now more details appear.


That one is a 7.2 mm thick fanless tablet design, powered by the 14 nm Broadwell Y Core M CPU. Today Intel also demoed another tablet, the 10 inch version of that tablet mentioned before, that manages to weigh just 550 grams and has an incredible thickness of just 6.8 mm. This is only a reference design, one that device makers will surely be inspired by and we expected some interesting 2 in 1 products to come out of this experience.

Intel also unveiled details on the RealSense sensors with the RealSense Snapshot for in depth photography, that’s detailed below. Intel will also offer the RealSense SDK, that will allow devs to write apps for this technology. We’re also waiting on information about the next gen Windows tablet platform Cherry Trail, so stay tuned for more Computex info!